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Welcome to the largest ‘free standing’ promotion program
for publishers and authors.

You can here put together your own book-marketing package
or do a single promotion.
Choose what best suits the book you are promoting
- and your budget.
Superb for adding further strength to Promology.
1.001. Your book at the Cannes Film Festival 2012
At the Cannes Film Festival 2012, we will promote new books, to film, television and DVD people selected by us.

If you are interested, we need eight books sent to this address in France: Cannes Book Promotion 2012, Compagnie Provencale, 7 Rue de La Resistance, 83830 Bargamon, Provence, France
with your business card glued inside the book cover. with your business card glued inside the book cover.
The books have to arrive before the last day in April 2012.
Any negotiation is strictly between the author/publisher and the FILM/TV/DVD production company.
The cost is £150.00 or US$ 245.00 payable when the eight books are sent to our address in France. The price covers taking the books to the Film Festival and delivering them to producers or directors, who in our opinion could be interested in reading it themselves or having it read on their behalf.
We try carefully to match content of book with various producers speciality.
For security reasons some hotels, exhibition areas etc. insist that the book is sent/posted/delivered in a jiffy bag for scanning later the same day.

A list with personal names and/or company names will be supplied after the Festival, for you to follow up, say six weeks after the Film Festival.

Our capacity is limited, so if interested reserve now for 2012. Send no payment now.

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form.

As we have more contacts, than we can possibly reach during the Cannes Film Festival, we now offer - also - to forward a further four books by post, with a personal letter from us to film directors/producers
If interested in this added service, kindly send eight books as mentioned above + plus four, total twelve books to the address in France mentioned above.
The names of producer and their film production companies the books are sent to will be included on the list to come to you, making it possible to follow up after six weeks.

Please be aware of that nowadays the Cannes Film Festival does also cover DVD and TV Production, worldwide.
The 65th Cannes Film Festival takes place from the 12th to 23 of May 2012.
1.002. Paypal Trader installed on your website
Get the Paypal installed on your website, as a trader.
Our price is UK£ 95.00
1.003. Creating selected links to your website
50 selected links. UK£ 125.00
Very important to build up a higher position on search engines Organic.
Takes around a month to implement and is done with serious companies, adding to the seriousness of your website.
Promote your book by e-mail
E-mail campaigns are one of the most effective and economical ways for a publisher or an author to get result for a new book - right away. For a very realistic price you can be in contact with whoever you want.

We design and create the mailing and send it out. There is nothing for you to do, except than to approve the finished artwork. The prices below are all inclusive. We operate the following highly specialized e-mailings, using our own lists, to ensure spam free and high quality addresses.

To get to know details about the mailing you are interested in, go to inquiry form below and we will email you the details.

1.004. THE BOOK LOVERS - STANDARD LETTER - 20.000 emailing £168.00
A strong and simple emailing, with the cover of the book and link to your website.

1.005. YOUR OWN LETTER SENT TO BOOK LOVERS - 20.000 emailing £168.00
You write the message/letter, exactly as you want it and we mail it out.

1.006. LITERARY AGENT - 1.000 emailing £168.00
Literary Agents are drowning in manuscripts; so just send the book cover and the email address, so the Literary Agent can make a snap decision, about taking it further or not. Books to be sent free of charge to interested Literary Agents.

1.007. FILM PRODUCERS - 250 emailing £78.00
Producers always look for new ideas. This mailing shows book cover and link to your website. Be prepared to send free copies of your book to interested parties.

1.008. PRINT ON DEMAND PUBLISHERS QUOTE - 750 emailing £79.00
Want a quote from many before deciding. Tell about your book and we mail it out.

1.009. PUBLISHERS - 3.000 emailing £128.00
Want a retail publisher, go direct. Tell about your book and we will send it out to all.

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form.
1.010. Your Own Author’s Website
Your own seven-page author’s website, designed and launched on the Internet.
The home page of the author’s website shows the book cover and tells about the book.
The second page includes an excerpt from the book, to create interest. For the visitor it’s like browsing a book in a bookshop, before going to the till.
Third page is about the author.
Fourth page: The interview.
Fifth page: Press Release.
Sixth page: Reviews.
Finally: How to order.

Click on the images below to see

Google Analytic is built into the website, so you can see the number of visitors and follow your online promotion daily.

Your new email address will be:
Your new website address will be:

The website is yours forever. When the website is fully operational and up and running, we will send you the certificate of ownership.

Price, all inclusive, only £ 348.00.

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form below.
Web Site Support
1.011. Hosting
£39.95 a year. Absolutely needed. We can host the site or you can ask anyone else.

1.012. Key and Tag word creation
Using the right tags and keywords in the construction of a website and afterwards is crucially important if the site is to receive the maximum number of visitors.
Our programmers analyze all these words to determine how effective they will be in directing visitors to your site, and they then construct a list of the 24 strongest tags and keywords.

1.013. Search engine optimatization
Search engine registration of your site. Your site will be registered with a large number of search engines; in particular, we hand-register with three very important search engines - Google, Yahoo and Microsoft - as 75% of all traffic comes from these.
We will have created your site for maximum effectiveness, and it is vital that professional experts do this optimization, and the associated search engine registration. It’s a specialist job - and without it your site will simply drown. What’s more, once it is done it will benefit your site for years ahead. Price £98.00

1.014. Google Adwords
ADWORDS are the small adverts placed on every Google page, on the top and on the right-hand side of the page. You will see them every time you make a search for anything.
When you enter a keyword (whatever you are looking for) and click on the advert, you are brought to the website which is advertising here.
Google is paid for every click and it is the sole reason why the company profit has gone into billions of dollars.
It is the most effective tool for creating serious leads. We search for and find the right keywords. We are expert in Google Adwords and work as consultants.
Expect to pay a minimum of £200.00 a month to Google Adwords for visitors and to us for our consulting service.
1.015. Google Adsense
ADSENSE is a Google tool which makes it possible to have three - non-competitive - adverts on your new
author’s website. Google will pay you for this, depending on how many clicks you get from the adverts. We can set it up after Google Adwords has been activated and tell you how you can see your monthly income. It is an extra income and it does not damage your site in any way. Regard this as a bonus to you, made possible by your having written the book, and exploiting your new author’s website to the full.
Registration fee £29.00

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form below.
1.016. Book Price Comparison site registration

You might have seen on TV, how popular Comparison Websites have become. - - - - and many others.

Our Book Price Comparison Sites work in the same way, by listing the book suppliers and informing about the price of your book, so the buyer can make the best decision for buying your book.

We give prices for over ten million books and the process takes hardly any time.

Thousands and thousands of unique visitors accesses our two book price comparison sites weekly. These visitors are people with credit cards, looking to buy books; interested in purchasing here and now.

Where can there be a better place to get your book entered in a prime position?

Due to our success of launching new authors on these two sites, and have created special pages for new authors.
As a new author you should visit these sites so you fully understand the importance and power of them.   

Price for being entered for 8 weeks, only £39.00

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form below.
1.017. Promotional Post cards and A4 Posters
Promotion Cards - Online Artwork

We produce high quality promotional artwork for your book and send it to you as an attachment via email. You can print it out yourself on any color printer. Using heavyweight photo paper will improve the appearance.

The card is A5 size - 210mm x 145mm - so you can print two-up on A4 paper. Usually it shows the cover of your book, and displays your website address.

An effective and economical handout for exhibitions, libraries, schools, clubs etc - or to place with local retailers.
Price for artwork supplied £49.00

To make a booking or for further information, please go to order or inquiry form.
Concluding remarks reference Precision and Add-On.
You have spent years on creating your book.
It has to be promoted so you get result.
Nothing else counts or matters.
Let us help and advice you.
It cost you nothing, but can be the difference between,
not achieving result and scoring the goal,
with all what that entails.
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