Creating awareness and momentum,
that’s what Book Promology is all about.
Book promology

We use a variety of techniques to make people aware of your book; they include:
The author’s own website - created by us and optimized for marketing. This is the cornerstone.
A review and synopsis, professionally written by experts. A personal interview.
Article and press releases distributed through the Internet and our preferential web channels.
Google Adwords and Adsense, linked to your website.
Guaranteed placement of your book on the two most important book-price comparison sites.
Tag and keyword technology, used to find the right people for your book.
How to get onto the all important Social Media, reaching over five hundred million people.
Awareness guarantee, ensuring visitors to your new website and your book being noticed.

These activities - detailed in the sections below - are interlinked in order to achieve optimal results.

If you seriously want people to be aware of your book,
read about Book Promology, here and now.
It’s important.

Please note: you don’t have to be a computer expert to promote your book online.
We do it all for you - and keep you informed all the way.
You are always in full control.
Price and Timing.

A professional book promotion usually cost thousands
and often takes between six to twelve months to be active.
We aim for realistic pricing and a shorter production time.

Book Promology is the complete book promotion and marketing concept
for new books or books to be re-launched,
costing only UK £598.00. Similar in other currencies (Click Here).
We invoice you. Two payments of UK £299. Similar in other currencies (Click Here).
One when we start; one when the site is approved.
Expect the Book Promotion to take eight to ten weeks.
Realistically, this is the minimum timeframe to consider, bearing in mind each part in the process.
Be aware that we are also depending on the time search engines takes to register new sites.

You have taken the time and effort to create the book.
Without your book being promoted professionally, it’s likely, the book will drown.
This is not scare mongering, but a fact of life.
We are committed to that your book becomes a success.
It takes time - to do it right.
1.  Book Review

The book review is of vital importance for the promotion of any book as it aims to establish credibility and attract readers.
One of our professional reviewers will read your book and write a 350 word authoritative review.
The review will be sent to you for your comments before publication.
It will then be placed on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and on the highly visited book price comparison sites: and
The review, as an article will be part of a large press release going out to over 400.000 press people. See Press Release below.
2.  The Interview

We will contact you by phone or email and conduct an interview about you and your book. The interview will be incorporated in your website, and may also be quoted in the press release, helping to ensure that this is used in as many places as possible as a tool to widen the picture we want to give about the book and the author.
Usually the interview consists of five to ten questions, written by our experienced and helpful reviewer.
3.  Press and Article Release

A professional journalist will create an interesting Press Release, which is sent out to around 400.000 press people. The press release is forwarded to the author for comments before release.
The press release is also sent to a selection of websites specializing in publishing articles.

The press release is also placed on your own author’s website.

Use the press release yourself and send it to every local paper in your area, with a photo of yourself and the book cover. Phone local papers to get the right contact person. Aim for at least thirty. Include local radio stations.

The article release is very similar to the press release, but is forwarded to hundreds of special article-websites on the Internet etc.
4.  Synopsis Check

No one knows the book and its story/content better than the author, so we ask for the author’s own synopsis of around a hundred words.
However, we may suggest changes and improvements if necessary to ensure maximum uptake. The first page of your web site will have a description of your book and its plot. We use the synopsis on the back cover of the book, where applicable, for that purpose; whereas there’s no synopsis on the back cover, or it is too short or again doesn’t meet our requirements, we amend that.

The final synopsis is forwarded for your comments.
5.  Your Own Author’s Website

Your own seven-page author’s website, designed and launched on the Internet.
This is not just an ordinary web site, but a proper author-motivated web site, leading the reader step by step to a positive decision.
The home page of the author’s website shows the book cover and tells about the book.
The second page includes an excerpt from the book, to create interest. For the visitor it’s like browsing a book in a book shop, before going to the till.
Third page is about the author.
Fourth page: The interview
Fifth page: Press Release
Sixth page: Reviews
Finally: How to order.
A site like this elsewhere can cost around US$ 2,700. With us it is included in the Book Promology package.
It is designed to be crystal clear, not cluttered, but easy to use, while maintaining a cool and prestigious presence. A site you will be proud of. Click on the images below to see

Google Analytic is built into the website, so you can see the number of visitors and follow your online promotion daily. Take action if the visitor’s figures are falling. Stay on top of your campaign at all times. Only you can access the STATS / Counter with your password.

The website is yours forever. The author’s web site is in your name and is completely independent. It is not ‘tagged on’ to any other website.
When the website is fully operational and up and running, we will send you the certificate of ownership.
Your new email address will be:
Your new website address will be:
We show you the possibilities available.

Your author’s website is essential, for dealing with inquiries and to sell the book
  A) Through online retailers such as,, Barnes & Noble, Borders etc - we arrange the link-ups; and
  B) Through around forty major booksellers, worldwide, with whom we link through our own book- price comparison sites. These sites probably receive more visitors, every day, than any other book-price comparison site.

Search engine name registration of your site and worldwide hosting is included in the price for 12 months.
Renewal after the first year costs only £39.95 per year.

Please note, if you confirm that you will start the book-promotion campaign before your book has been published, we will give you the email address and the website address now, making it possible to have it printed into your book.

If you have a website already and you want to use it to promote your book, that’s fine; we may be able to incorporate it into our campaign. In some cases, however, we may recommend not using your own site, for various reasons, and will suggest that you let our tailor-made site run in parallel with yours.
6.  Tag And Keyword Technology

Using the right tags and keywords in the construction of a website is crucially important if the site is to receive the maximum number of visitors.

Because they have read your book and know its subject and contents, our reviewers are in a privileged position to build a list of tag and keywords related to your book. The ‘book category’ you have entered in your production form will suggest further relevant words, while the keywords you have entered on the production form provide a third source.

Our programmers then analyse all these words to determine how effective they will be in directing searches to your site, and they then construct a list of the 24 strongest tags and keywords. This study tells us the predicted number of searches, the number of competing pages, and which words to build into the website in order to bring as many people as possible to your site.
7.  Search Engine Registration And Links

Your site will be registered with a large number of search engines; in particular, we hand-register with three very important search engines - Google, Yahoo and Microsoft - as 75% of all traffic comes from these.

We will have created your site for maximum effectiveness, and it is vital that this optimization, and the associated search engine registration, is done by professional experts. It’s a specialist job - and without it your site will simply drown. What’s more, once it is done it will benefit your site for years ahead.
Keywords will be selected which fits your book, balanced up to where the traffic is, for maximum number of visitors.
8.  Your Google Adwords’ Campaign And Google Adsense

ADWORDS are the small adverts placed on every Google page, on the top and to the right-hand side of the page. You will see them every time you make a search for anything. When you enter a keyword (whatever you are looking for) and click on the advert, you are brought to the website which is advertising here. Google is paid for
every click and it is the sole reason why the company profit has gone into billions of dollars.
This shows how powerful online advertising can be. It is the most effective tool for creating serious leads. We search for and find the right keywords. We set it all up and make it ready for action, with the Adwords text written. To activate it, you need to add your own credit card details. (We will show you where and how to do it) You will be asked for a budget per day and we can help you, but expect minimum £3.00 a day. Run it for 10 days and decide if you want to increase the budget, leave it as it is for a further period - or stop completely. If you do NOT want to run Google Adwords now, you can activate it at any time within three months.
See also the PRECISION section how you can get our Google Adwords consultancy to help.
ADSENSE is a Google tool which makes it possible to have three - non-competitive - adverts on your new author’s website. Google will pay you for this, depending on how many clicks you get from the adverts. We will set it up after Google Adwords has been
activated and tell you how you can see your monthly income. It is an extra income and it does not damage your site in any way. Regard this as a bonus to you, made possible by your having written the book, and exploiting your new author’s website to the full.
9.  Book Price Comparison Sites


You might have seen on TV, how popular Comparison Websites have become. - - - - and many others.

Our Book Price Comparison Sites work in the same way, by listing the book suppliers and informing about the prices of your book, so the buyer can make the best decision for buying your book.

We give prices for over ten million books and the process takes hardly any time.

Our two book price comparison sites are accessed weekly by thousands and thousands of unique visitors. These visitors are people with credit cards, looking to buy books; interested in purchasing here and now.

Where can there be a better place to get your book entered in a prime position?

These are some of the retailers who will give a price and delivery time for your new book within seconds:


Due to our success in launching new authors on these two sites, and have created special pages for new authors. However, only books promoted by us will have top-position for up to four weeks here.

As a new author you should visit these sites so you fully understand the importance and power of them.
10.  Social Website Marketing


Over 500 social networking websites exist.
We have established links with eighteen social sites that have a positive attitude toward books; between them, these have an estimated audience of 500 million people, of whom over 280 million view the sites several times a week. People tune in and out just as on TV, or are connected all the time. This audience is loyal, habit oriented and big online spenders.
Because we have read the book, created the review, written the synopsis and the press release and analysed the tags and keywords, we can pin-point the likely readership - age group, social profile etc. Based on this knowledge, we register you on five selected social websites.

We place a photo of the book cover, review and your website address on each of the five sites, with ourselves as ‘friend or associate’. If you can supply us with the email addresses of up to 16 further friends or associates, we will include these - two per site. If you do not wish to enter any, we can add 16 of our own.

The traffic goes to your author’s website or to the email address we have created, using the book’s name. Accept all new ‘friends’, as it spreads your message fast and leads people to your author’s web site.

When the work is done - and this can’t be started before the website is up and running - we forward you the passwords and the list of the five social sites used, enabling you to add more friends/associates and include new details.

We also place a ‘discussion forum’ based on your book and website on some Forum sites. We add extract from your book and provide links. This is done to create more interest for your book and to ‘channel’ visitors to your new author’s website. The aim is gradually to build a market for your book.

Our email address: is the place for advice and guidance.

Book-Preneur is included in our standard price - you don’t pay a penny extra for it.
11.  Promotion Cards - Online Artwork

We produce high quality promotional artwork for your book and send it to you as an attachment via email. You can print it out yourself on any colour printer. Using heavy-weight photo paper will improve the appearance.

The card is A5 size - 210mm x 145mm - so can be printed two-up on A4 paper.
It shows the cover of your book, and displays your website address.

It provides an effective and economical hand-out for exhibitions, libraries, schools, clubs etc - or to place with local retailers.
12.  Awareness Guarantee

We aim to create the widest visibility and exposure for your book.

We have a team of experts who use special programs, and their knowledge of your book, to identify the most powerful tags and keywords relating to that book. With these, we can ensure that your site will be reached from all the major search engines. A qualified supervisor will be ensuring that the whole process is optimized.

Add to this the book-review, the press and article release for your book, including the interview, being on book price comparison sites and on social websites and forums together gradually build up the traffic to your website and the conversion to orders.

We cannot, of course, guarantee that every visitor will place an order; but each one will read about your book and become aware of its content - just like someone browsing in a shop.
How can you check our claim?

A book with a specialized subject might attract less visitors to the website, than a wide spanning novel. That does not mean one is more important than the other. Not here and not in any retail shop.

Your website will be linked to Google Analytic, the biggest and most reliable supplier of Internet statistics. You will be able to check what’s happening, anytime, as often as you want.

Our aim is to create the widest visibility and exposure for your book and we guarantee to use every single ‘tool’ we have mentioned under Book Promology to achieve traffic to your book site.
13.  Three Month One-To-One Support

Over the first three months of your marketing campaign, you can ask as many questions as you like. We are only an email away. We always answer within a maximum of 24 hours.

We are experts in online marketing and everything to do with the Internet. We want you to succeed.

If you want us to support for a further 90 days, see Book PRECISION / ADD-ON.
Our Declaration

You, the authors, are our number one priority and we don’t want to disappoint.
But let’s be honest and realistic from the start.
Even if your book is on sale in hundreds of retail shops, that doesn’t guarantee that it will turn into a bestseller, or even that it will sell.
We can’t guarantee any specific level of sales, but we can ensure that your book is introduced to many, many people in the most effective way possible.
However, when it comes down to it, the buying public makes the final decisions.
They can’t be forced.
We will do our outmost to create maximum publicity and awareness, and we promise to be realistic and honest at all times.


We can’t rush this.
This is a very serious comprehensive book-marketing package.
As a general rule, expect the process to take between six and ten weeks.
Summing Up

We work confidentially.
This is what most authors and publishers prefer, so we will not use your name or website for any promotion or as a reference.

Our unique promotion can bring your book to the attention of thousands.
It can also make the book noticed by people who really matter, open doors and can benefit your book for years ahead.

We believe it is the most comprehensive momentum-building marketing campaign available anywhere.

For further information or to arrange your book promotion campaign send an email to:, we will phone you back or click on:

The Book Promology Standard cost only UK £598.00.

Same in other currencies (Click Here). There are no extra to pay.

Two payments. Half is due before we start.
We ask you kindly to pay within seven days, after you have received our invoice, to avoid delay in the scheduling, creating serious delays due to re-scheduling of your book promotion.
The rest to be paid when you approve the book web site and before we optimise the website on the Internet.

Payment via PayPal to:
Most credit cards and bank transfers accepted by Paypal.

Or by UK cheque or International cheque - made out to Book Promotion Ltd and sent to:
Book Promotion Limited,
2nd floor,
145 - 157 St John Street,
EC1V 4PY England.

By bank transfer. Kindly email us for details.
For action, please click on:

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